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Can I Pet Your Dog? is a show for unapologetic dog lovers. Every Tuesday, hosts Renee and Allegra tell you about dogs they've met, dogs in the news, and any other dog they can think of. If they see a dog, they're going to pet it.
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Feb 19, 2019
Happy Presidents Day week! This week Allegra has some very cool Dog History all about Bummer & Lazarus, two famous dogs from San Francisco. We brush up on our Presidential Pups when Renee brings in a fun game about the names of President's dogs. Plus, Alexis visited some radical Monster Mutts this week!
Find a furry friend and tune in!
Feb 12, 2019
Hello Valentines! Did you get a cute heart shaped treat for your favorite pup yet? Don't worry, you've got plenty of time! 
This week we are joined by the very talented and very funny Janet Varney (JV Club) where she lays out the honest truth about dealing with a new puppy! Allegra and Renee learn how Pistachio and Tugboat show their love. Plus, Alexis tells us about a dog she experienced at the park!
Smooch a Schnauzer and tune in!
Feb 5, 2019
Hi friends! 
This week Renee and Alexis are asking the hard hitting questions! Why do people look like their dogs? Are turtles dogs? Are you a scooper or a dodger? Is this a very dog? 
Wow! Are you dying to know the answers? Then stop reading this and tune in!
If you look like your dog, please send us photos! To send in your own My Mutt Minute email us at
Thank you!
Jan 29, 2019
Hello there!
Are you ready to RUMBLE? Do you have your sports jersey ready? Because this weekend, as you know, is the Puppy Bowl AND the Dog Bowl. IS IT A WONDERFUL THING? YES! Might we still sue because we are not directly involved? Find out! 
Renee also has an exciting update from Wags and Walks, we all talk about dog themed cookies, plus we have a My Mutt Minute and a Listener of the Month! Could it be you? 
Grab a greyhound and tune in!
Jan 22, 2019
Take a deep breath everyone! New Years resolutions can be given up, we're well into 2019, and we've got a great show for you!
This week, Renee has uncovered the perfect recipe to make tug the best pub dog in town! We have some VERY exciting news for all the dog and art lovers in New York! Plus, we talk about using the KonMari on your dog's toys!
Scoop up a Shih Tzu and listen in!
Jan 15, 2019
Hi friends! Have you gotten used to writing 2019 instead of 2018 yet? Us neither!
This week, Alexis meets a dog in a revolutionary way that is sure to boost confidence among dog-meeters. We have some GREAT dog news about pet stores! Allegra puts on her lab coat and gives us the latest Dog Science on why dogs do that cute tilt with their heads! Plus more!
You don't want to miss it! Grab a Golden-Doodle and listen!
Jan 8, 2019
Hello Everyone! Welcome to 2019! We're kicking the year off strong with plenty of dogs!
This week, we get to hear all about a new dog-petter Renee and Tug met all while she was holding chicken! Alexis's family dog Rabbit is getting old and LOVING it, find out why! We've got breaking news about dog ears AND some future dog tech we can't wait to order! 
All that and more! Tune in with a Terrier!
Dec 18, 2018
Well hey there all you spooky cats!
Happy holidays! This week Allegra tells us all about a new dog at work and Alexis is MAD! Find out why! Renee solves an interesting scooting problem with Tug. Plus, we have a Dog Hero and a very charming My Mutt Minute!
Tune in!
Dec 11, 2018
Hello! Hello!
Don't worry! Allegra is back this week! That's right, the band is back together and Stella's groove has returned! 
This week, Allegra tells us all about the dogs she met in her trip to Austin! Renee met ANOTHER very excited dog petter and we have some exciting pupdates to some of our older segments! 
Plus, we have a Listener of the Month and a hilarious My Mutt Minute. 
Get cozy and tune in!
Dec 4, 2018
Hello! Happy December! 
We've got a Tugboat heavy episode, so buckle up! First, Renee and Tugboat have a a little bone to pick in a segment titled "Unleashed! What are you doing to me!?"
We have a Dog Science in which we learn that dogs are basically doctors now. Plus, special guest Jordan Duffy is here who is not only an Audio Engineer at Earwolf and great person, but is also Renee's roommate! We get the inside scoop on living with Tugboat. 
Stop reading this and tune in!
Nov 27, 2018
Happy Late Thanksgiving! We hope you had a lovely time. 

This week Allegra is gone so Alexis and Renee are forced to fend for themselves!
First, Renee met Mayor Max, the Dog-Mayor of Idyll Wild! That's right, we've talked about him before but at long last Renee has met this political pup. Plus, sneaky Allegra once again proves she is the best friend in the world. We also have a silly game about your dogs "True Name." Then, Alexis has a bone to pick with the new dogs at the National Dog Show. 
All that and more! Don't wait around! Snuggle up and in!
Nov 13, 2018
Hi everyone! Happy cinnamon-broom season!
This week Allegra tells us about Pistachio's new leash and that's making dog walks easier for everyone! Renee explains why she things she is a Bad Dog Mom (not true) and prepares to meet Mayor Max! Plus, we have some very interesting Dog Science about dog's sniffing and more!
Tune in!
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Nov 6, 2018
Hold on! Pause the show! Did you vote? Yes? Okay, click play. 
Hi! Welcome to another fantastic episode!

This week Alexis tells us all about the dogs she met in New York, and Allegra tells us about the dogs at Strut Your Mutt. Then, things get edgy, when we take The New York Times to court! Renee tells us all about the latest Dog News and we are outraged. Then, we discuss dog poop and where to put it! An age old debate.
Plus we have a My Mutt Minute and a Listener of the Month!
Cuddle a Corgi and tune in!
Oct 30, 2018
OOOOooo! Welcome to the world's SPOOKIEST dog podcast! That's right, this episode is all halloween, and all spooky dogs!
Alexis starts this chilling show with a game about tricky dogs! Will Renee and Allegra be able to determine the truth? Will Renee cheat? There's only one way to find out!
Allegra tells us all about the bone rattling tale of the Black Dog! A classic folklore figure with a fascinating history. 
Plus, we've got YOUR spooky dog experiences to share! Thank you to everyone who submitted!
Have a happy Halloween! Listen if you dare!
Oct 23, 2018
This is NOT the halloween episode we SWEAR! We're just excited! This is the ALMOST halloween episode which is a big difference. 
This week, Renee met a dog Petter! That's right, someone as excited to pet Tug as we usually are to meet other dogs! 
Allegra steps up to the plate to determine if she is a good or bad dog mother! (Spoiler alert, she's great!) 
Plus, we find out Alexis is psychic, hear about some Movie Mutts, and more!
Tune in, be brave, carve a pumpkin!
Oct 16, 2018
Well hello there!
Happy Middle of October! This week, Renee is bringing some tricks! Dog Tricks that is. She breaks down an easy way to teach your dog to roll over! 
We go over some fun dog costume ideas for dogs that hate wearing costumes!
Plus, Renee teaches us all how to cheat (and win) at a costume contest and Alexis brings a simple halloween treat recipe for your pup!
Grab a pumpkin (or pup) and tune in!
Oct 9, 2018
We're talking the most exotic breed of dog yet -- baby turtles! Renee tells us all about the most adorable vacation EVER! 

If that's not cute enough, we may have found the most expressive dog instagram yet - @dunkinandkirby (and boy is Renee jealous).
Plus, a great My Mutt Minute from Ariel and Tadders!
Listen in!
Oct 2, 2018

Boo! Happy October!

We've got a great episode to get you started for the fall season!
Don't worry, we get straight into some easy costume ideas for your dog! We also have Sean Bennet to tell us all about his brand new dating app for dog lovers, Doggy Date.
Plus, we've got a wonderful My Mutt Minute and we announce the Listener of the Month!

Don't be scared! Tune in!

Don't forget to sign up for Doggy Date with the promo code doggydate for a chance to win some cool prizes!

Sep 25, 2018
We've got a wild h*ck of an epsiode with a ton of updates!
First, Surprise - Alexis is on mic now! That's right, we let the cat lady on the dog show! 
Next, Allegra got a job! A dog related dog! A writing job! Everyone praise her!
What is job you may ask? Allegra explains it all!
If that wasn't enough, Renee is going on vacation! She tells us all about her plans for meeting dogs in Mexico.
We've also got an incredibly sweet My Mutt Minute from Dan & Bud, and a Listener of the Month announcement!
Don't wait, tune in now!
Sep 18, 2018

We were gone! We were back! Now we are ready for a great show!

Kaity Reagle and Andrea Shapiro pop in to tell us all about dogs and their new podcast, Pet Parents, Oversharing. We also finally answer the age old question, "Dogs, do they go on or off the table?" Plus, more updates and a wonderful My Mutt Minute from Andrea, who will be keeping her home!

Grab a Goldendoodle and tune in!
Sep 4, 2018
Hello! How's it going?
This week we're back in the saddle with a fresh hot copy of Tugboat Tribune. That's right, folks! Tug's managed to have another Tugtastrophe and Renee tells us all about it. We've got a My Mutt Minute from Down Under which is sure to make you smile! Plus, some fascinating dog science about everyone's favorite subject - Pee!
Tune in!
Aug 28, 2018
Welcome welcome welcome!
Start calling your agents and alerting the press because Tugboat is about to be the King of Hollwood! Hear all about Tug's upcoming rise to fame in Tugboat Tribune. This week Allegra has some CAT news, which may be breaking the laws of this podcast! We also have a great My Mutt Minute and some amazing Dog Tech that's saving lives!
Don't wait! Call a Corgi and tune in!
Aug 21, 2018
Hi! Hello! How the h*ck are ya? 
Get out your science books out because we're talking dog science this week. We've got Julie Dixon Jackson (host of Cut off Genes) to teach us all about dog DNA and tell us about her own dogs! We hear all about Duggy the greyhound in our first international My Mutt Minute. Plus, Allegra tells us all about the two GIANT dogs she sat this week. 
Grab a Great Dane and tune in!
Aug 14, 2018
Hi everyone! Great to have you here! 
This week we're back with another fresh Tugboat Tribune and Pistachio Post! We have the wonderful Nicole Georges with her adorable dog Ponyo to tell us all about her dogs and incredible book, Fetch. Plus, a My Mutt Minute and more! Don't miss it!
Hug a hound and tune in!
Aug 7, 2018
Hey there friends! Buckle up because this episode is FUN! We've got the wonderful Ben Blacker (Thrilling Adventure Hour, Hex Wives) to not only tell us about his dogs, but also a fantastic dog hero story of his own! Tug's first Gotcha Day is right around the corner so we discuss all things Gotcha. Plus, a My Mutt Minute AND a NEW listener of the month!
Squeeze a Schnauzer and tune in!
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